Emil Polit was born on October 11, 1940 in the small village of Zmyslowka, Poland. Emil's passion for art brought him from his family farm to the Jaroslaw Fine Arts Preparatory Academy. Later, he entered Poland's oldest and most renowned school of art - the Krakow Fine Arts Academy. With a Master of Fine Arts degree obtained under the supervision of Professor Waclaw Taranczewski, Emil graduated from the department of painting and lithography in 1965.

Throughout his career, Emil has actively participated in regional, national and international art exhibits and has received some of the most prestigious awards. From 1989 through 1991, Emil was the director of the Rzeszow chapter of the Polish Professional Artists' Association. The Rzeszow Heritage Award was presented to him in 1996 for his unique and sizeable contributions to shaping and developing the region's art environment through his painting. The 2003 National Art Educator award was presented to him for his contributions to art education in Poland.

Emil Polit has attracted many prominent art collectors over the years. His paintings can be found in Poland, USA, the Vatican, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and Canada .

  Photo of Emil Polit
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Emil Polit
Last Updated: 30 December 2017