• Zbigniew Jan Krygowski Award (2005) . This award was established by the estate of one of Poland's most significant art philanthropists to be given annually to an artist who most successfully builds on the foundation of Polish art movements.
  • Award - "Pozostań z Nami Panie (Remain With Us Our Lord)" Exhibit (2005). An annual award for the most striking religious art creation of the year.
  • Statue Miłosierny Samarytanin presented by Caritas of the Rzeszów diocese (2005). This is a lifetime achievement award presented to individuals who, through their generosity and steadfast support, made key philantropic contributions to the regional Catholic charities.
  • 2003 National Art Educator Award for contributions to art education in Poland. This lifetime achievement award is given by Poland's Art Ministry to exceptional educators who have fundamentally and profoundly contributed to shaping Poland's art education.
  • Governor's prize on Turn of the Centuries exhibit 2000/2001. The Governor of the southeastern region of Poland recognized Emil's painting as the best of the regional exhibit organized to celebrate the turn of the century (Rzeszow and Krakow).
  • Rzeszów municipal award in the division of culture and art for outstanding artistic achievements and contributions to the region's heritage (1996). This is a lifetime achievement award given to a person who fundamentally enhanced the region's heritage through his work.
  • 2nd Prize in the second international Biannual exhibit of Art Srebrny Czworokat ("Silver Rectangle") Przemyśl '96. This is a very significant international art exhibit featuring artists from four countries: Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland (hence the "Rectangle"). Selection was made from an exceptionally broad field of entries.
  • Award - purchase of a painting by the National Museum of Art in Przemyśl in 1996 . As one of a handful of National Museums in Poland, the Przemysl museum implements a very deliberate and broadly recognized program of purchasing paintings that significantly contribute to Poland's art heritage. The painitings are used for permanent display. One painting is selected at each of these annual exhibits.
  • Award - Exhibit of Polish Artists' Association 1994
  • Award - Art of 1994 exhibit. National Polish art exhibit organized by the Art Exhibit Institute in Rzeszow, Poland.
  • Award - Exhibit of Polish Artists' Association 1992
  • 1st Place - "Best Painting" - Art of 1990 exhibit. National Polish art exhibit organized by the Art Exhibit Institute in Rzeszow, Poland.
  • 2nd Place - Religious Art Exhibit, 1989. This exhibit, organized by the Catholic outreach groups, brings together Poland's most prominent religious artists. This is an exceptionally broad field, as Poland is arguably Europe's most Catholic nation..
  • 2nd Place - Religious Art Exhibit, 1987. See "Religious Art Exhibit, 1989" above for description.
  • 1st Place - Julin Exhibit, 1981. Julin was a unique national art forum as Poland was coming of age during a period of violent change. A group of prominent artists from Poland, Japan, Hungary, Slovakia and many other countries were invited to interact and enjoy a serene environment while creating. A three week creative session was capped with an exhibit. To be selected out of this accomplished group is considered one of the most flattering recognitions in Polish and international art.
  • Bronze Medal - Bielsko Fall, 1980. This is a national exhibit of paintings. Highly competitive, considered one of the benchmarks of Polish art.
  • 2nd Prize - Art of 1980 exhibit. See "Art of 1994" above for description.
  • 3rd Prize - Julin 1979 exhibit. See "Julin 1981" above for description.
  • 1st Prize - Art Work of the Quarter, 1968. This is a significant regional art exhibit. Fondly remembered by Emil as his first artistic accomplishment on the national stage.
Emil Polit
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